7Days Review

Game Description:

7Days is an experience rather than a game. It’s divided in seven days, each with its own meaning. You must find out what is going on in the strange house…

Free Indie Game “7Days” Quick Review:

One wouldn’t think that a pixelated game would be scary, but it sure as hell had my heart racing. The game developers did a great job building up suspense with intense music and creepy footsteps. As you would expect, the scariest parts included jump scares, but that’s expected in horror games these days.

Overall, it was quick and easy play that had me jumping in my seat. The atmosphere was built up well and the whole game was pretty creepy. The ending was definitely weird, and I don’t know whether to feel cheated or feel satisfied. IF you have the time, then it’s definitely worth the download. After all, it’s a FREE indie game!

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