Great game! Some Issues but Great Support From Joycity

It’s a great game! However, the controls aren’t too new player friendly for someone who doesn’t want to use tilt controls. Maybe make a control scheme that uses the D pad to move right left forward and backward, the arrows for up and down, and swiping for looking around.

With the new episodes coming, request you to include some new updates like cockpit view, missile lock indication, take off and landing option, plus give more dog-fight/rescue/attack missions rather than alien type missions in advance episode

By the way game graphic is very good and there are a lot of air planes.

Adds might be a bit problem. After episode 8 the levels become virtually impossible you need to spend like at least 50 gold for shields and health to pass the level. You might need to upgrade your gunship.

There was a glitch that made a automated dialogue pop up. saying WARING we may have found you cheating on your account you may be banned. Joy city needs to resolve this problem.

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