Subpar Commander Review

If you like large army of tanks, planes and turrets  Subpar Game is for you. You can get free download for Windows XP at least ( tested on 7, 8 and 10) and easy to set up on your PC. You get the game pick the mission. It starts from easy to hard . All about guns and cleaning the place from your enemy.

You can create or fix your tanks put your army and all you need a good strategy. If you like old style RTS you might enjoy with this game too. Four brain-in-a-jar based commanders are buried in various places in the world. Three of them goes crazy and it’s up to Red to stop them.



Patch v1.01 – Performance improvements

Patch v1.02 – Improved zoom, various fixes

Patch v1.03 – Various fixes and gameplay tweaks

New release for Subpar Commander brings various small graphics enhancements, fixes and gameplay improvements:

– added widescreen window resolutions
– workers can no longer return gold to towers by accident
– unit production queue increased to six
– fixed texture for buildings in progress
– palm trees no longer show empty icon
– minimap rectangle replaced to be more accurate
– starting cash increased to 600$

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