Harmfulgame Review

Game Description:

Harmfulgame is a competitive multiplayer game that blends action, survival, stealth and dungeon crawl genres into a unique experience enjoyable by those who like challenge and innovative mechanics. It draws inspiration from “Hunger Games”, “Battle Royale” and “SAW”.

Free Indie Game “Harmfulgame” Review

Harmfulgame is an open alpha indie title that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. In Harmfulgame you spawn in a randomly generated environment with weapons and supplies and your goal is to survive against the enemy players. While the game looks quite simple there are some pretty cool things about it.

First off, you can only see enemies that are in the view of your flashlight. So, an enemy can be in the corner of the room, but as long as they don’t get in the view of your flashlight then you won’t notice them. This is not only great for making an escape, but it puts a surprise around every corner. Still, don’t think you will be safe just by staying out of the view of people because people can also track you by your footprints and they can hear every gun shot and noise you make. And, don’t forget … you can’t run forever. Literally, you can’t … I explain why below.

Second, there is a survival aspect to this game. You need to stay hydrated or else your vision gets messed up and you can’t sprint. It’s pretty funny stuff when you get dehydrated in the middle of a gun battle, but it does become quite a nuisance after a while. So, make sure to carry a canteen with you at all times.

Third, you can train fucking wolves. Yes, you read that correctly. YOU CAN TRAIN FUCKING WOLVES! Well, you can at least get them on your side using dog treats. I thought this was great and they definitely come in handy when it comes to helping you escape or killing an enemy. There’s no denying they make good meat shields in a gun battle.

(Random Gameplay Video)

I know Harmfulgame doesn’t look like a lot, but it sure is damn fun. The most fun part of the game for me was frantically trying to find a weapon at the beginning of a match. If you’re lucky enough then you will find a rifle lying around nearby, but if you’re not, then you will0nly find a knife or worse … nothing. Really though, at the beginning of the match you need to avoid everyone if possible. Don’t try to do anything crazy unless you have a weapon because it’s pretty hard to box someone to death. I mean, it is possible … but it’s pretty difficult especially if they have a gun, knife, or baseball bat.

Anyway, even though this game is in alpha there’s not many noticeable bugs or things to complain about. The only two things that I think of that would be awesome for the developer to include would be, the ability to see the health and the inventory of someone you’re spectating and for the TAB player list to have some sort of alive/dead status next to players name. Besides that there isn’t much I can think of. I really can’t wait to see more people playing this game and for there to be some game modes! Anyway, definitely download Harmfulgame if you’re into action games!

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