Zombie Kill of the Week Review

Game Description:

In “Zombie Kill of the Week” you play as a badass dude who tries to survive as long as possible in vary stages full of easter eggs, weapons to pickup, doors to open, bouncers to activate and waves of deadly flesh eating zombies! The game is spiced up with awesome and very manly metal music!

You can customize your character by purchasing clothing, hats and changing color of the pants. Unlock achievements, perks and get bots to help you destroy the undead! All purchases are done via ZKW Points, that you earn by playing.

Free Indie Game “Zombie Kill of the Week” Review: 

The game description pretty much explains it all. There are different stages to choose from where you can kill rounds upon rounds of zombies to earn ZKW points to purchase weapons. I really enjoyed playing this game, but as you could imagine it gets old quick; While it’s fun to kill hordes of zombies you eventually hit a point where you’re aren’t entertained anymore. Still, there are plenty of weapons and other things to choose from which makes the game worth playing. While I don’t think I’d play this game every day it is fun to sit down and play after a couple of drinks. The only thing I disliked about this game is that the bots are dumb as fuck, they will help you kill the zombie, but if you get killed, then don’t expect the bots to revive you (unless they’re super close by). From what I’ve experienced they usually go do their own thing and won’t come back to revive you. But yeah, it’s a decent game and worth the download.



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