Eyes Review

Game Description: 

Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful – there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building.

Free Indie Game “Eyes – The Horror Game” Review:

If you liked the slender games, then you will probably enjoy “Eyes”. In “Eyes – The Horror Game” you are sent into a haunted house to sketch out a map and to collect 20 money bags. Kinda like Slender, you have to watch out for the ghost that is roaming around the building. But unlike Slender, you are given a “RUN” message every time the ghost is near and you can use eyes on the wall to see where the ghost is (explains the name of the game).

“Eyes – The Horror Game” is pretty easy compared to Slender. I was able to collect the 20 money bags and complete the game after just a few tries. Luckily there is some replay value because the moneybags and everything else seems to be randomly generated. Plus, there are multiple difficulties.

Really, this game isn’t that scary, but it is fun to play. The ghost does make you jump from time to time, but besides that there isn’t much scare factor. If you’re bored then it’s definitely worth a play.

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