Bounce N Bang – Free physics puzzles Review

Bounce N Bang is a simple but an addictive game. Even it looks like classic arcade games it contains a lot of shooting and bouncing objects. You have a cannon and a castle. All you need to do  fire the cannon at the castle.

You smile and say ” yes man! it is easy!!..”

Actually it is not that easy.You will find 45 stages in this arcade styled puzzle game with a lot of challenges if you manage to finish it.

If you are good at billiards this might be an easy game for you because billiard gives you a great amount of focus and concentration so Bounce N Bang. You use the angles to hit the target in both games.

When you fire the cannon ball should hit the castle with limited reflection – the balls bounce off every object but detonate when they stop or striek a hard object. The good thing is your cannon can turn around after finding a good angle you can fire,

Because of having limited chance you must see more points quickly and try to use one shot for one target. Don’t forget to aim directly or find a great angle to bounce off walls. If your cannon ball is not fast enough it might stop just before the castle and bomb.

First time is free play and you can collect coins. You can get 5 free round with 300 coins, or you can wait 15 minutes for 3 free rounds. Inviting 5 friends gives you 10 more free rounds or rate the game and get 10 more free rounds from the game.

You can download the game on the Google Play store.

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