Deep Sleep Review

Game Description:
You are stuck inside a nightmare dream. Something lurks in the darkness… Something in the depths of your own mind wants to pull you even deeper. Someone will escape this dream for sure. The question is – who is that going to be?

Free Indie Flash Game “Deep Sleep” Review:

This game had a strong 4.7 rating on GameJolt so I expected a lot out of it. Sadly, the game didn’t deliver what I expected.

While the game was entertaining and slightly challenging, it didn’t hold up much in the scary department. There were only two moments of the game that really scared me, one of the moments being a simple jump scare. Admittedly, the other scare was a bit better and actually caused me to panic a bit, but it wasn’t anything spectacular (trying not to reveal what happens).

The music they chose was decent and went well, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into “the experience” with this game. It might have something to do with running around to find items and solving things, but I just didn’t feel much “horror”. I felt like it was more of a seek and find game with some shadow figures, and not a horror adventure flash game.

Overall, it was a decent flash game. If you’re bored, then I’d suggest you give it a play. If you’re looking for a scare, then I’d suggest trying out some other free indie games.

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