Great game! Some Issues but Great Support From Joycity It’s a great game! However, the controls aren’t too new player friendly for someone who doesn’t want to use tilt controls. Maybe make a control scheme that uses the D pad to move right left forward and backward, the arrows

Live Cycling Manager

The definitive cycling manager!Create your club and totally manage it: sign up for races, cyclists, strategies, training, transfers, and much more! Become the Athletic Manager of a professional cycling team and lead it to victory.Create a new club and personalise it however you want. Hire the best cyclists, trainers,

Super Co-op Adventure

Super Co-op Adventure is a quirky and surprisingly challenging co-op puzzle platformer where you help two uniquely skilled blocky characters make their way through a glitchy computer world. Playable in single player or in local co-op, in Super Co-op Adventure you take control of two little characters named P1


To play, simply search the rooms for the flaw, when found click to continue to the next, tougher problem. Controls:  Left click to select objects. Right click or Arrow keys to move the camera Scroll to zoom. Best played in full screen (F11 in Web browser. F1 on desktop).